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Clan Roster
Leader (2)
SteamID Name Last Login
STEAM_0:1:901100 -[EVIL]- Master Omnipresent

High Council (7)
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STEAM_0:1:3721192-[EVIL]- Bishop1 day ago
STEAM_0:1:451110Player2 days ago
STEAM_0:0:1010840-[EVIL]-Swede2 days ago
STEAM_0:0:26281461-[EVIL]- Paz10 days ago

Low Council (20)
SteamID Name Last Login
STEAM_0:0:1744566-[EVIL]-Ironhd1 day ago
STEAM_0:0:26599838-[EVIL]- VenomousFangs1 day ago
STEAM_0:0:3907334-[EVIL]- Godfather Sour1 day ago
STEAM_0:0:3058565Friendly Noob1 day ago
STEAM_0:1:102345444-[EVIL]-Rocket2Me2 days ago
STEAM_0:0:647646-[EVIL]-FjS2 days ago
STEAM_0:0:4137224-[EVIL]-MMA-Fish_Pig2 days ago
STEAM_0:0:38299828Juan Espanoza2 days ago
STEAM_0:1:27158285-[EVIL]-rabbit3 days ago
STEAM_0:1:32815936-[EVIL]- SyKosis.9mm-FiTH4 days ago
STEAM_0:1:94193525-[EVIL]- Butterbean5 days ago
STEAM_0:0:154394744hehe6 days ago
STEAM_0:1:26143656-[EVIL]- CocoPuff9 days ago

Members (27)
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STEAM_0:1:9987831-[EVIL]- MadDaddy! -tF-1 day ago
STEAM_0:0:24320901missy3 days ago
STEAM_0:0:75456701-[EVIL]- Cosmic3 days ago
STEAM_0:1:129056988-[EVIL]- Pepsi3 days ago
STEAM_0:0:130212-[EVIL]- Road_Pizza4 days ago
STEAM_0:1:104145405-[EVIL]-Schrodinger5 days ago
STEAM_0:0:19296762star5 days ago
STEAM_0:1:30463437-[EVIL]- Rose*5 days ago
STEAM_0:0:131181784-[EVIL]- El Amauta9 days ago
STEAM_0:0:60634626-[EVIL]- MaRcOs10 days ago
STEAM_0:1:6817127-[EVIL]- Brotatochip10 days ago
STEAM_0:1:103674257-[EVIL]- SpringGao~*12 days ago
STEAM_0:1:48335055-[EVIL]- rb13 days ago


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