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Admin App
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Low Council member for the Evil Soldiers clan! We appreciate your enthusiasm in wanting to be more active within our community, however there are some things you need to know prior to submitting an application. Being a member of Low Council has more of an obligation than just playing on our servers. Below is a list of requirements that have to be met by our Low Council members in order to become and maintain this position within the clan. 

Low Council members are: 

  • • ­Required to wear the clan tag the majority of the time you play on our servers. This shows pride for the ES clan and you should be proud to wear it. Not doing this is a real fast way to lose your Low Council status and you could potentially be removed from the clan.

  • • Required to maintain a certain amount of activity within the clan. Whether this is in the servers playing, attending meetings and/or visiting the forums to submit some new ideas or just input on current topics, we want to see and hear from you.

  • • Required to KNOW INSERT LINK TO CLAN RULES HERE and enforce the rules on our server. This does not mean we need people to go nuts and start banning what little amount of players still playing on our servers. We just want the servers to be a fun place to play on while keeping rule breaking to a minimum.

  • • Required to know the proper way to take admin action and to log a report of this action (if required under admin reporting rules). This is an essential part of being a Low Council member. It’s how we keep rule breaking to a minimum, by keeping track of previous history and enforcing increasing punishment. It should be in a certain format and have a set amount of information. Not doing this is a real fast way to lose your Low Council status.

  • • Required to familiarize themselves with our in-server !report feature. This means friending the steam bot that sends our report notifications, how to join this chat room, how to view and CLOSE the reports, investigate all reports, and admin the proper actions if necessary. While it is not required that you join the chat room and handle every report you see, it is highly recommended. IF you choose to view and close the report you are then required to look into it.

  • • Required to be a nice friendly player that has shown NO problems on our servers recently. People who are constant rule breakers or have received bans will have their application denied. Please do not waste your time or ours by submitting an application with a ban history. You will not be accepted.

All of these requirements are determined and interpreted by the High Council. If you cannot follow these requirements to the standards construed by the High Council, your Low Council title can and will be removed without warning. 
(I will then have a decline and accept button as well as a check box)
If after reading these requirements you are NOT interested or cannot provide the extra time required to preform these tasks, then we thank you for your time. Please click decline.

If after reading these requirements you ARE still interested in becoming a member of Low Council, then we are interested in you. Please click the check box and proceed to the application form.

(check box will read) You have read and understand these Low Council requirements and will perform them to the best of your ability.